In The Cafe

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Enjoy a Protein Packed Lunch

Try our freshly made Power Burgers. The kitchen is busy creating new recipes not just for the vegetarian diner but for the entire family. Join our challenge to have a more balanced diet. Try one meal a week that doesn’t include a steak or pork-chop or hamburger or fillet. Protein comes from beans, quinoa, nuts, tempeh, seeds, and grains. Vegetarian food is hip – we moved from the cropped-GN-sage1-market-without-box-1.png“hippie” menu of brown rice and tofu to a cuisine that can compete with any TV chef war. Consume less fat and less sugar – did your doctor tell you that? Change-it-up at least one day this week. You will not leave hungry.

Cinnamon-Ginger Pumpkin Scones