New Burger Box Kit


Curbside delivery at 209 South Raleigh Street in Martinsburg. If you need something that we have not put on the site (we have thousands of product and it is taking forever to input them all) email me your requests at pam@goodnaturedllc.com. We will make it work for you.

We are also offering produce boxes. They can be ordered through our portal under PRODUCE BOXES/MEAL KITS. We have also added a build your own box. All Box Ingredients are Tentative due to seasonal availability. Orders can be placed anytime for pickup Tuesday through Thursday – noon to 6:30 pm. https://goodnaturedllc.myncrsilver.com/

BURGER BOX KIT – $16. 2 Frozen House-Made Burger Patties – An Organic Tomato, Organic Lettuce, Vegenaise, and 2 Buns (Pretzilla or Sprouted). Choose your burger by bread option. Order 24 hours before pickup. We need time to prep the veggies. Burger comes with soy free Vegenaise.

Recipe Box – $18. Vegan Ackee and Jack Fruit (Includes the following ingredients): Green Peppers, Organic Diced Tomatoes ($1.25), Native Forest Jack Fruit ($3.49), Grace Ackee ($9.99), Vidalia Onion ($1.65), Allspice Blend ($1.00). Traditional Jamaican Recipe “Ackee with Salted Cod” made vegan.

Conventional Fruit and Veg Box – $25. This week you will receive: 1 Bunch Organic Lacinato Kale, 3 Pounds Red Bliss Potatoes, 1/2 Pound Spinach, Green Peppers, 1 Clam Driscoll Strawberries, and 8 Pears, 2 Avocados.

Conventional Fruit Box -$37.50. The box varies weekly but usually contains apples, oranges, lemons, limes, strawberries, grapes, melons, and more. Order by Wednesday 2:00 PM

Organic Produce Box– $30. Crimini Mushrooms, Vidalia Onions, Spring Garlic, Carrots, Local Kale Bunch, Salanova Lettuce Mix, Radishes, Butternut Squash, Recipe for Vegan Mushroom Gravy, and Recipe for Roasting Butternut Squash, and Recipe for Ceasar Dressing.

Conventional Fruit and Veg Box – $25. This week you will receive: 2 Pounds Organic Zucchini, 3 Pounds Red Bliss Potatoes, 2.5 Pounds Brussels Sprouts, 1 Organic Kale Bunch, Local Salanova Lettuce, 1 Clam Blueberries, and 8 Danjou Pears.


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