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Our Daily Fare



Upper Crust Bread (Vegan)
Harvest Bread|Cranberry Walnut Bread|Lemon Sumac Butter $3.95
Bountiful Garden Salad (Vegan)
Spring Greens|Ume Plum Seeds|Cucumbers|Cherry Tomatoes|Rainbow Carrots|Colorful Peppers|Red Cabbage|Dried Cranberries|Seasonal Fruit (V) $6.95
Sasquash Salad (Vegan or Dairy Cheese)
Roasted Butternut Squash|Candied Walnuts|Salad Greens|Cabbage|Parma|Carrots| Tomatoes|Cucumbers|Fruit|Parsley Mayo (V)|Clementine Dressing (V) $12.95
Grilled Mushroom Ensalata (Vegan or Dairy Cheese)
Salad Greens|Shiitake Mushrooms|Pistachios|Caramelized Onions|Tempeh Crumbles (V)| Croutons| Rainbow Carrots|Apples|Bell Peppers| Shaved Parma $11.95
Chick Chick Caesar Bowl (Vegan or Dairy Cheese)
Romaine Hearts|Garlic Chickpeas|Kelp|Croutons|Cashew Caesar Dressing (V)|Parma $9.95
Caramelized Onion Hummus (Vegan)
Divina Olives|Cucumbers|Carrots|Peppers| Tomatoes|House Ranch|Wheat Flatbread $8.95
Mediterranean Falafel Mezze (Vegan)
Pepita Falafel Cakes|GN Hummus|Divina Olives|Veggies|Greens|Flatbread|Ranch $10.95
Lava Quesadilla (Vegan or Dairy)
Jalapeños|Lava Salt|Sweet Potatoes|Peppers|Onions|Shreds|Black Beans|Pineapple Salsa $5
Mozza Pear Pizza (Vegan or Dairy Cheese)
Mozzarella|Roasted Pears|Walnuts|Onions|Balsamic Redux|Greens|Flatbread $7.95
Add a Bountiful Salad $5.95 This is delicious!
Fancy Cheese Boards (Vegan or Dairy Cheese)
Curry Cashews|Olives|Fresh Fruit|Select Cheeses|Apricot Jam|Mustard|Sourdough Bread|Rosemary Torta $13.95|Pair with a bottle of wine “all the time” at Market Price

(Served with Salad, Soup, or Chips)
Forager Quiche (Dairy and Egg)
Sweet Peppers|Zucchini|Spring Onions|Sun-Dried Tomatoes|Cheddar|Feta|Parsley|Rosemary|Almond GF Crust $11.95
Mediterranean Burger (Vegan)
Cannellini Beans|GF Oats|Brown Jasmine Rice|Sunnies|Fresh Italian Herbs|Red Onions|Tomato|Lettuce|Vegenaise|Vegan Brioche $12.95
Summer’s End Bratwurst! (Vegan)
Vegan Bratwurst|Romaine|Relish|Cherry Tomatoes|Cashew Queso|Frizzled Red Onions| Shishito Peppers|Mustard Dipping Sauce|Demi Baguette $11.95
Tempeh BLT Flatbread (Vegan)
Brown Sugar Smoked Tempeh|Cherry Tomatoes|Spring Greens|Ranch Aioli|Flatbread $11.95
JS Reuben (Vegan or Dairy Cheese)
House Ginger-Baked Tofu|Thousand Island Dressing (V)|Red Cabbage Barrel Sauerkraut|Select White Cheddar|Artisan Mediterra Rye $12.95
Philly Cheese Steak (Vegan)
Steak Seasoned Seitan|Mushroom Mix|Colorful Peppers|Candy Onions|Cashew Queso|Cheese Shreds|Sweet Gem Lettuce|Pea Shoots|Wheat Flatbread $12.95
Grilled Cheese Heaven (Vegan or Dairy Cheese)
~Plain Jane (Sharp Cheddar|Raw Milk Cheddar|Farmhouse Sourdough) $9.95
~Garden Grill (Cheddar|Caramelized Onions|Tomatoes|Sourdough) $11.95
~Shroom Love (Cheddar|Spinach|Mushrooms|Sourdough) $11.95
~Sweet and Cheezy! (Spring Onions|Apple Rhubarb Chutney|Cheddar|Sourdough) $11.95
House Dressings (Vegan/GF)
Sesame Ginger|Coconut Ranch|Dijon Cream|Clementine|Miso Caesar|Thousand Island

Soups On! (Vegan/GF) Cornbread Muffin $7.95
Brazilian Black Bean Chili: Charred Tomatoes|Black Beans|Refried Beans|Calabrian Chilis|Sweet Onions|Chili Blend|Lime Juice|Parsley

For Kids Only: Sunbutter and Jelly~Kids Plain Jane Grilled Cheese~Kids Bratwurst~Fruit

Smoothies (Vegan or Dairy Milk)
Pick Your Fruit: Cherry|Blueberry|Mango|Banana OR
Strawberry Betty: Strawberries|Mango|Orange Juice|Ginger|Agave OR
GN Banana Split: Bananas|Peanut Butter|Chocolate|Espresso OR
GN Super Smoothie: Blueberries|Strawberries|Bananas, Kale|Spinach OR
Coconut Peaches & Cream: Peaches|Mango|Coconut OR
Cherry Blue: Blueberries|Cherries|Ginger|Greens OR
NaNa Cacao: Banana|Cacao Nibs|Dates ~ Add Almond Butter/$1

Caffeine or Not
Razzlement Iced Tea
Iced Americano ~ Add Carob Syrup/.50
Single Origin Pour Over|Press Pot|Americano|Organic Teas
Lattes: Plain|Hazelnut|Caramel|Vanilla|Chocolate
Mocha Latte or Matcha Latte or Chaga Latte
Turmeric Chai Latte ~ Iced or Warm

Pastries and Desserts (All desserts are vegan)
Mocha Dream Cake|Pumpkin Cupcakes|Almond Cookies (GF)|Blueberry Cheesecake (GF)

HAPPY HOUR TAPAS (cafe service only, no sides)
Thursday and Friday 4:00 to 7:00
Caramelized Onion Hummus (Vegan)
Seasonal Veggies|Olives|Ranch|Flatbread, $5.95
Mediterranean Falafel Mezze (Vegan)
Pepita Falafel Cakes|GN Hummus|Divina Olives|Veggies|Wheat Flatbread|House Ranch $7.95
Mozza Pear Pizza (Vegan or Dairy)
Mozarella|Roasted Pears|Greens|Grilled Onions $6.95
Philly Cheese Steak Pizza (Vegan)
Steak Seasoned Seitan|Mushrooms|Peppers|Onions|Cashew Queso|Shreds|Flatbread $7.95
Grazing Board (Vegan or Dairy)
Curry Cashews|Olives|Fruit|Select Cheeses|Jam|Mustard|Bread|Rosemary Torta $10.95

(V) is Vegan. Please request GF Bread if you need it.