Natural Groceries

We try to keep on hand many of the things that you use everyday, much like the items a typical general store used to carry. Plus we’ve added a lot of bulk foods and hard to find things like sorghum flour and exotic bulk herbs. Our inventory is always evolving so you might find new things every time you visit. We love to make special orders for products that you can’t find anywhere else.

Baking Supplies
Stone ground flours from Frankferd Farms in Pennsylvania.

Barley, oat, blue cornmeal, buckwheat, chickpea, garbanzo bean, almond, brown rice, sorghum, whole wheat pastry and gluten-free baking mixes.

Guar gum, vital wheat gluten, cornstarch, baking soda, lecithin, arrowroot, agar flakes, citric acid, carob powder, cocoa powder, chocolate chips, carob chips, bittersweet baking chocolate and unsweetened coconut flakes.

Sugars: turbinado, rapadura, muscovado, sugar cubes, brown, confectioners, date, stevia and beet. Agave nectar, sorghum, brown rice syrup, local maple syrup, molasses and local honey.

Dried Beans and Grains
Red Lentils, green lentils, black lentils, french lentils, dal, sorghum, wheat flakes, rye flakes, barley flakes, hard winter wheat berries, Israeli couscous, whole wheat couscous, brown rice, sprouted brown rice, red rice, and more.

Black beans, black-eyed peas,  and others.

Canned Goods
Beans: Kidney, black eyed peas, northern, pinto, black, garbanzo, red, and others.

Tomatoes, crushed, whole and diced. Tomato sauce and paste. Spaghetti sauce.

Oils: olive,  canola, toasted sesame, and others
Vinegar: balsamic, red wine, unfiltered apple cider, rice, and ume plum.

Milk and Milk Alternatives

Organic cheese and non-dairy cheese alternatives

Local eggs from Bethlehem Farms.

Back Creek Bend Farm local beef.mug picture

Meat Alternatives

Sandwich breads and gluten free breads.

Gluten Free Items

Route 11 Potato Chips. Assorted bulk snacks. Crackers, cookies, dried fruit, nuts, and chocolate.