A Celebration for James Stark Smith
Hopewell Meetinghouse in Clearbrook Virginia
February 14th at 1 pm

Hopewell is a beautiful place where everyone can offer eulogies or witness in silence, sharing Jim through photos, music, art, and spoken word. You are welcome to participate at Jim's Memorial Meeting. We will comfort each other on his day. The Hopewell Meetinghouse is just over the state line in Virgina at the Interstate 81 exit 321, Clearbrook. (Not in Winchester as we have two Meetinghouses.) Take a right at the ramp. The Meetinghouse is a short distance on the left. 604 Hopewell Rd. Flowers and donations may be made to the Meetinghouse. There will be a short graveside gathering following the Meeting. All are welcome.


The store and cafe are closed this week in honor of my husband Jim.