Our Store

Is Open As Usual During the Cafe Renovations

Cafe Renovations Extended to at least September 21st
We have managed to make our small homey kitchen work for the past 7 years, but it is time for an update. Starting September 8th we will be undergoing some construction in our kitchen. Our normal menu will not be available from September 8th to September 21st. The cafe will still be available for desserts, beverages and market foods. The timing may change slightly if we finish early or have an unforeseen delay in finishing the redo. I will keep you posted. The store will be open as usual.

Please Continue Your Normal Grocery Shopping With Us
While our cafe is closed for renovations we will still need your business. If all of our regular customers come by and spend at least $20 on groceries we can make this work. We cannot make it through the rest of the month without you.


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