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Good Natured Cafe and Market Is Open

imageUnless you have been through the death of your spouse and father at such a young age, you cannot really understand how this process toward change has unfolded. We are still in mourning for our beloved Jim.


In 2017 our focus at GN will be collective in nature, working with you, sharing what we know about food. We will begin with a new approach to shopping by taking case orders of national organic products online and having customers pick up their groceries at the store (the on-line shop is not yet available). Our local market inventory will be smaller and more diverse, drawing from local and start-up/independent manufacturers, i.e. less of what you might see in the chain grocery store. We will still offer bulk herbs, beer and wine, bulk grains and snacks, and the availability for you to purchase other items online.  Our hours are Tuesday thru Friday 10:00 to 6:00 and Saturday 11:00 to 6:00.

A new feature of our collective will be the posting of recipes from my home kitchen. The meals should inspire you to shop locally, buying only what you need for dinner. Fresh, whole foods from a local Farmer’s Market are the ingredients for more nutritious family meals.

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  1. Eileen Brown says

    I just discovered you, because of the Whole30 diet I’m doing, which is a stricter Paleo diet (no sweetners at all, no grains, legumes or dairy), and now you’re closing? I need a good store like yours, so I don’t have to buy everything I need online. Plus, I love your café, when I’m not on the diet(I finish my first 30 days on October 30th). Those desserts are amazing!!! I’ll definitely be in for some shopping before you close, but I wish the café would stay open until at least October 31, so I could get one last dessert fix

    • We may have a few desserts left after today. Call before you come to make sure. You can buy it to go.

  2. Sarah says

    I will miss this cafe and store so much. I’ve never felt such an emotional response to a business change. Good Natured’s food and the people who have and still work there have made my life much better. I have appreciated their kindness, generosity and wonderful conversation. The food is amazing and I don’t know what to eat anymore!! I wish each of you the very best. May you find comfort after your loss and go forward to continue to shine in the lives around you as you have in mine. Thank you for all that you did for our community and for your wonderful richness in influence and food.

    • A beautiful message. There have been some moments in the last week where the loss of Good Natured as it was intended to be has overwhelmed my spirit. A business that I started with Jim and now end without that shoulder to cry on. Comments like yours, the support of my family and staff, hugs from even our smallest customers as they shopped with their parents one final time, and the genuine tears from all over, have made the way through this closing month bearable. To be a good memory in so many lives, that is significant. Bless you Sarah and all who have been with us.

  3. Debbie says

    We are new to the area and only recently discovered the cafe… we are not even vegetarian and it was our favorite restaurant in the area. We will surely miss it, but wish you good luck with your new plans. We recently had the cardamom cake and I can’t stop thinking about how good it was. Any chance you could share the recipe?

    • We are working on ways to share recipes with our customers. They are perhaps the most valuable part of our business and not really something that I can give out for free. We may put together an on-line cookbook or offer recipes for a membership fee. If you sign up for our newsletter on this web-site we will email you about our future plans. Thanks for your support and kind words.

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